Friday, 11 November 2011

For the love of Cream Teas

Perfectly risen fluffy crumbly scones. Ramekins brimming with thick fruity jam and generous helpings of clotted cream (preferably with top crust intact). This, to me, is the perfect image. Alongside is a bone china teapot, holding quintessentially English Earl Grey, with dainty teacups and saucers..and if you want to be as traditional as possible then swap the Earl Grey for loose tea leaves and strainer. (A bit of a faff I think .. and often to me the tea is there just to provide the necessary moisture to allow me to wash down the main act)

My love of cream teas began a short while ago, in June 2011, when I had my first cream tea experience. It was at a little cafe in Cardinham Woods, Bodmin. A kitsch little place, all bunting and Cath Kidston style tablecloths, probably the perfect venue for my first encounter. Surprisingly, this wasn't a monumental occasion for me. I just wasn't aware of how special cream teas were and although I was excited to be eating something sweet I wasn't specifically anticipating the cream tea experience. However, that first taste has changed my priorities forever. Now when I am planning a trip, I always think of my proximity to the nearest cream tea selling establishment. Prior to June 2011 you would have caught me enjoying my tea with something as mundane as a slice of carrot cake. Those days have gone!

I have decided to use this blog as a chance to discuss all things cream tea - experiences, reviews, recipes ..but also all things South West. For me, my love of cream teas is inextricably linked with my love for Plymouth and the South West. Before I moved down here I knew little to nothing of the South West. I think my only thoughts on the area was that those in Bristol sound like Vicky Pollard and a lot of people were farmers. So yes, a very ignorant view point indeed! Since living here my opinion has completely changed - I have gone from indifference to being proud to call it home..

Let the cream tea obsession  continue!

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  1. A note from Richie Rowland who has suffered my (apparantly absymal) tea making abilities for the past month...

    "Northern tea is made with a rough ratio of 10 parts pre-tea* to one part milk. This, as anyone whose taste buds haven’t been ruined by pie ‘n’ mash and shouting at the disobedient whippet will tell you, is incorrect. For the perfect and let’s be honest, technically correct, tea you will need to operate on a ratio far closer to 6 parts pre-tea to 1 part milk.

    This ratio will produce the perfect tea. I will refrain from referring to it as Southern Tea as to geographically pigeon hole a product such as this is to down play its importance and makes excuses for the ‘wrong’ tea of the Northern barren lands.

    This ‘Northern mix’ is a perfectly acceptable method of tea production . . . . during times of conflict when rationing of commodities such as milk is wide spread."


    Richie Tea Drinker Rowland